What is a Life Coach Anyway?

Life Coaching with Judi Maranic

The Coach and Client Relationship (a team)

A life coach enters into a mutually designed partnership with a client for the sole purpose of facilitating an atmosphere where the client can reconnect with their own inner power.  This process includes trust, vision, new skill sets, commitment, desires, and honesty.  A life coach holds the truth that the client is the only expert in their life…the one who knows who they are and what they truly want and need and can recognize what is absolutely best for them.  A life coach believes that the client has the ability to recognize the answers to all questions that may be present in their current experience even if they appear obscure, ambiguous or deeply buried.

A life coach is focused on what the client is being challenged by right in the moment and is committed to assisting the client in becoming self-empowered through a series of insightful questions and techniques for allowing the client to discover a course of action for making their life better in a multitude of ways.  A life coach listens with their mind and heart to their client’s perceptions, patterns of thoughts and feelings for the purpose of guiding their client to understanding they have complete control over those paradigms.   A life coach supports their client from a professional as well as a personal standpoint.  Clients come to recognize their inevitable and invaluable influence in creating their life by choosing new ways of being.  A life coach wants nothing more than to have their client come alive in the knowing that it is they themselves that are the makers of their dreams!


An individual session includes a celebration of the client’s successes in the past week, a sharing of the client’s intention for the session, an overview of the client’s immediate concerns where the client shares details and the coach actively listens.  At some point, the coach will ask the client if they are willing to try a specific process or technique designed to improve the client’s vibration level.  Then the coach will go through the process with the client until there is a positive shift.  It is likely that there will be a noticeable change for the better and the client will share how he or she has benefitted from the experience and confirm their commitment to utilize the process on their own to indicate accountability for personal learning.  More celebrating is likely to occur.  Can’t be too grateful or excited for progress of any kind!!!


Most coaching scenarios are based on a one to one experience.  Occasionally a coach will offer group sessions usually based on a particular theme.  The topic will be included in the invitation to participate in the group session.  After welcoming and introductions, each participant will have an opportunity to share their personal challenge in regard to that session’s topic. The coach will address each sharing individually.  The benefit and joy of group coaching is that each person can learn from another’s experience, perspective, and responses as well as the coach’s input.  Often one sharing will resonate with another and will cause a ‘light bulb’ (ah-ha moment) to shine for them.  If a participant decides to enter into  individual sessions with the coach after any group session, that can be discussed and arranged privately. ***A meditation may be included as part of an individual or group session as appropriate.

What a Life Coach Isn’t?

A life coach is NOT a therapist and does not tell a client what to do in an attempt to solve their ‘problem.’

A life coach does NOT believe that a client requires ‘fixing’ in any way.

A life coach does NOT take responsibility for a client’s learning.      

“As a life coach, teaming up with my client in being totally committed to their vision significantly enhances the success of it becoming part of their reality! ”
-Judi Maranic

10 things I will expect from YOU 
  • to express honest sharing
  • to have the desire to succeed
  • to be accountable for your own learning
  • to value your and my time
  • to be respectful of yourself and me
  • to participate actively
  • to be open to new perspectives
  • to understand my role as a life coach
  • to acknowledge your every WIN
  • to abide by our contract
10 things you can expect from ME
  • to hold your vision
  • to actively participate and be totally present
  • to be knowledgeable about processes
  • to exhibit integrity by modeling the processes in my own life
  • to maintain a friendly professional relationship
  • to celebrate your successes with you
  • to honor your process
  • to support your accountability regarding learning and contractual agreement
  • to return occasional texts or emails as promptly as possible
  • to be honest with you at all times in all ways