Life Coaching with Judi Maranic

Phenomenal Results
I came to Judi for coaching as I was looking to replace negative thinking was positive. Through her gentle guidance, positive reinforcement and knowledge of Law of Attraction philosophies in our coaching sessions, I saw phenomenal results after just one session.

In between our coaching sessions I would practice and utilize the processes that I learned from Judi. Call it homework maybe, but I was ready and willing to give up my old patterns and behaviors and thoughts so I welcomed the practicing of these techniques that propelled and transformed my thinking.

In one session, with one particular problem, my view of myself went from victim to being the creator of my own thoughts. This was a major breakthrough as I had felt stuck in victim thinking for some time. Finally…results! Through journal prompts, visual meditation guidance and other techniques and processes that Judi utilizes, my thoughts were now working FOR me not AGAINST me…more major results for me!

As a result of working with Judi I was able to visit my family over the holidays and remain in my own alignment with my own inner voice. Their actions and behaviors did not cause me the problems they did in the past. I learned, through a process working with Judi, to focus on our commonalities,the good in them and being grateful for my own progress during conflicting or awkward times during this visit. It works for me and I truly believe anyone who is ready to leave old patterns of thought behind and shift towards the light of the positive Universal energy within us all, can benefit beyond any expectations with coaching sessions offered with Judi.

I’m so grateful for Judi’s magical gift of helping others. She has helped me go from being a VICTIM to being a CREATOR! How awesome is that! I deliberately pinch myself everyday now because I live in the light, not the dark.

My struggles with staying in abusive relationships was a major issue that also shifted and changed for me. After a few sessions I no longer tolerated the abusive behavior. I even began to paint again! All these amazing gifts have come to me and my life because I now have confidence. Sessions with Judi helped me go from helpless to empowered.

Suzanne D.!


Judi Maranic’s bubbly and warm personality immediately lets you know that you are in good hands. She is one of the most organized people I have met. Her connection with Spirit and her organizational skills help her in helping you make the decisions needed in your life. She helps bring out the real you. After that is found, she will help you hone in to what you might want to be looking at changing and with gentleness and ease help you achieve your goals.
Being a Life Coach has been a dream for her… what she needed to realize is that she has been one all along. I have trusted her to guide my grandchildren in their teen years in a program she created specifically for children their age. They loved her then and continue to love her. She has also helped my grandson to recognize the need for organization in his life so his middle and high school years would progress at a smooth level. Whether you’re a child, adolescent or adult – you can trust that Judi will put her all in helping you achieve your dream. She won’t do it FOR you; but she will be there WITH you.
Shaman Jean Dominguez

Judi Maranic is such an inspiring coach. She has a wellspring of deep compassion, and the expertise to get right to the heart of the matter. I highly recommend her services.

Sherri Robbins-performing songwriter

I have known Judi Maranic for a very long time—since 1979, when we both taught Special Education at Carroll Park Vocational High School in Baltimore City. We became friends, bonding over our love of teaching, our students and, at that time, the Baltimore Orioles.
Throughout the years, three things have struck me about Judi: her talent with students, her creativity, and her ability to make a plan and see it through. As far as her students, Judi was always very calm with even the most trying special needs children. She would go into a different gear, and zero in on exactly what that student needed at any given time, be it emotionally or educationally. Related to this is Judi’s creativity—her lessons and projects for her students as well as for her own children and herself were always a joy to behold. I will never forget, for example, a special butterfly garden that Judi created in one of her homes, or the unique artwork that papered her walls and hung from the rafters!

As far as making a plan and seeing it through, Judi published an excellent book to help others achieve their visions. Later, she moved from Baltimore to New Mexico to start a new life. Finally, she actualized yet another dream: she traveled for three years around the country to visit as many waterfalls and national parks as she possibly could!!!

What attracted me to Judi, to begin with, was her buoyant energy, her great sense of humor and infectious laugh. What has sustained our friendship over these long years is all of these qualities, still very evident today, and my ceaseless wonder and amazement at her life accomplishments—so far!!! I can only guess and marvel at whatever might come next, and life coaching certainly pulls together all of her qualities, talents and interests, and more!

– Shelley Z.

Judi is a gifted, intuitive life coach. She is skilled at coaching in person and long distance. Whether we are talking on the phone, texting, emailing, or face to face she is helpful and provides resources and tools to help me know I can make choices that will get me through any situation. She is also very personable. She remains unbiased when listening to my concerns. The techniques I’ve learned during coaching gave me the guidance I needed when I have been at crossroads in my life. Using the processes helped me move forward.

To be good at something you have to have a skill set, to be great at something takes passion. Judi’s passion for coaching and her eagerness to help others embrace as well as create the happiness in their lives makes her great at what she does. Prior to her actual coaching career she has been coaching “unofficially” most of her life. Successfully helping students, their parents, other teachers as well as her family and friends.

Good coaching requires just the right blend of emotion, empathy and insight. Judi seems to have mastered this balance with her experiences in teaching special needs children, relating in a positive manner to people all over the country, and receiving intensive specialized training. She brings a unique perspective and curiosity to most situations that require both inside and outside-the-box thinking. She challenges and guides people to see the big and small picture and does so with a contagious sincerity that can’t be taught. Given the opportunity, she can positively affect a person’s thinking and help them gain a measure of enlightenment for dealing with life’s challenges.

Judi and her coaching are both an awesome gift! I experienced positive change the first time we worked together. I’m not sure how it works but IT DOES and I am deeply grateful! Can’t wait to keep working together.

– Mary Baker