What is it Costing YOU to Do Nothing About it?
You've COME HERE to make a deliberate decision for YOUR life!
Letting go of Fear, Mediocrity, and Self-Doubt is your CHOICE!


The limiting thoughts and unpleasant feelings you are currently experiencing are…only TEMPORARY…the status quo!

And if you are exhausted from the inner battle between staying with what you are used to and risking a leap into something much better, something with unlimited potential…


With me as your LIFE COACH and collaborative guide…

You will identify where you are

You will create a clear vision of where you want to be

You will recognize blind spots on your path to greatness

You will expedite your growth through empowering processes that I will teach you

You will gain confidence in your ability to take action

You will release limiting thoughts and be free to dream big

You will be amazed at the new and true you that emerges from within yourself

You will develop a feeling of worthiness that prompts you to keep moving forward on the path to your dream

Let your process begin here


YOU live YOUR life according to the story YOU tell! 
Working with me as your life coach will enable you to recognize exactly what kind of story you’ve written and how it IS or ISN’T working for you!

Are You Thrilled with Every Chapter in your Story? 

YES or NO  
There is no MAYBE or SORT OF!

You are either…

  • Feeling fabulous in the leading role of your script
  • Being the best version of yourself
  • Experiencing the grandest life you can imagine
  • Just marginally satisfied with your life
  • Agreeing to “That’s the way it’s always been.”
  • Holding back from believing that what you would REALLY LOVE could ever be yours

Are ANY of these chapters in YOUR story…?

Chapter 1
Not Enough Money

Chapter 2
Mediocre Relationships

Chapter 3
Overwhelming To-Do Lists

Chapter 4
Never Enough Time for Fun

Chapter 5
Frustrated with My ‘lot in life’

Chapter 6
Feeling Melancholy…BLAH

Chapter 7
Settling for ‘That’s Just How It Is”

Chapter 8
I’m Getting Too Old to Dream Big

Chapter 9
Another New Health Issue

GOOD NEWS: You can opt for a bit of editing

I am no stranger to the chapters above!  I have been challenged by each and every one of those topics and I have discovered how to and have rewritten my story many times over.  I continue to tweak my grandest intentions and raise my vibration to match them!
As your LIFE COACH, I can guide you in discovering the same!

I offer a safe and creative atmosphere where YOU can rewrite whatever chapter in your story that falls short of exactly what you would really LOVE!
YOU can feel great!
(Current chapter title, mid rewrite, or completely revised)

That is the first step!

There are many ways to increase your level of ‘feeling better’ regardless of any current circumstance or situation.
And who among us would turn down an opportunity to FEEL BETTER or even GREAT? 
“Sure!” you might say,
“And  just how am I suppose to do THAT?” 

YOU live YOUR life according to the story YOU tell! 

I can assist you in discovering within yourself ways to amp up your personal power by means of increasing your ability to FEEL BETTER exponentially.  



Having a LIFE COACH to guide you in realizing the incredible role you play in your life – thus debunking the myth that you are powerless over your circumstances – 

is paramount in the forward movement of rewriting that story of yours…

…by creating chapters that could read:

Chapter 1- What a Feeling to Be Financially Free

Chapter 2- Relishing My Exceptional Relationships

Chapter 3- I Love Creating All the Free Time I Want

Chapter 4- What Fun Things are Beckoning Me Today

Chapter 5 – I LOVE MY LIFE

Chapter 6- Joy is What My Life is ALL About

Chapter 7- The Power to Choose is Mine

Chapter 8- As Long as I Breathe, I Dream

Chapter 9- Living in Optimal Health

I Want Chapter Titles Like These!

A LIFE COACH  is exactly what you need

you are willing to edit one or more of your  chapters
you are interested in feeling better than ever before
you are wondering if your dreams could actually become your reality
you are eager to soar to new heights in every aspect of your life
you are intrigued about having a skill set that will empower you
you are seeking to have a fresh outlook on your life
you are even a little curious if a life coach is right for you

People talking about Judi

Comments from clients who have embraced the journey of writing their own stories…

Judi is a gifted, intuitive life coach. She is skilled at coaching in person and long distance. Whether we are talking on the phone, texting, emailing, or face to face she is helpful and provides resources and tools to help me know I can make choices that will get me through any situation. She is also very personable. She remains unbiased when listening to my concerns. The techniques I’ve learned during coaching gave me the guidance I needed when I have been at crossroads in my life.  Using the processes helped me move forward.


To be good at something you have to have a skill set, to be great at something takes passion. Judi’s passion for coaching and her eagerness to help others embrace as well as create the happiness in their lives makes her great at what she does. Prior to her actual coaching career she has been coaching “unofficially” most of her life. Successfully helping student, their parents, other teacher as well as her family and friends.


Judi Maranic is such an inspiring coach. She has a wellspring of deep compassion, and the expertise to get right to the heart of the matter. I highly recommend her services.


Coaching Sessions

Coaching offers you opportunities to increase your ‘good feelings’.
 Specific empowering techniques enable you to discover how … allowing you to get in touch with the wisdom you already possess that can propel you forward in ways that will astonish you.
Individual Sessions

Individual sessions last about 45-60 minutes and can be in-person or over the phone.

Group Sessions

Group sessions  last  90 minutes to 2 hours at Judi’s office or a location TBD

Contact Judi

Do you have a question about my coaching that is not answered here? Send me a message…  

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