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Life Coaching with Judi Maranic

Judi Maranic

There have been countless times throughout my life when a timely question or a seemingly casual comment has had an amazing effect on me.  So often, things happened at just the right moment…a time when I needed them to…when I didn’t even know I was ready for a new experience.  Nearly all of these events have changed my life to some degree, and more frequently than you might imagine, quite radically.  They have freed me from old patterns of thought and behavior, reminded me of my long-forgotten dreams and that I AM an active participant in the creation of my life!!!  The reawakened awareness put the pen back in my hand!  I AM the author of my own story!  Yes, I DO create my life experiences.

I have been on both sides of those moments.

Teaching special needs students as my career, there were opportunities to coach students, parents and other teachers.  Raising three children afforded me a plethora of opportunities to coach.  When it came to friends, there was reciprocal ‘coaching’ among us in more life situations than I could possibly count!

 It was in 2007 that I first became introduced to the Law of Attraction (basically, like attracts like).  I learned that everything in this world is made up of energy including our very own thoughts and our emotions which carry a particular vibration or frequency.  These facts, I discovered, were all related to the immense power we possess to be, do, have and give whatever we desire.

Deciding to study, practice and utilize the Law of Attraction in my life proved to me that there was an unquestionable truth at play.   I also realized I had been applying it quite often by default, but it has become a lot more fun, effective and consistent now that I make deliberate conscious choices regarding what I prefer to be, do, have and give. 

I knew that a coaching style based on the Law of Attraction was one that truly resonated with my own life purpose…to assist others in rediscovering their personal strength, tapping into their wisdom, and activating their innate creative problem-solving abilities. 

My intention  to be in relationship with those who are ready, willing, curious and excited to learn how to become the self-empowered person that dares to dream big dreams and are eager do whatever it takes to reclaim their creative power.


Being a life coach is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. Watching the light in the eyes of a client begin to glow or hearing words of self-respect literally jump off their lips when the realization that they can choose to make their life delightfully unprecedented brings me immense joy!  Recognizing it is THEM and not me or anyone or thing that provides the power to create positive results brings my clients immense joy. It’s a transformation like none other!  The fun AND compelling processes that we do together enable them to raise their emotional vibration.  Being acutely aware of their thoughts and emotions is where it all begins! That is the first step to going from where they are to where they really would love to be…where emotions and desires become vibrationally compatible!  

Matthew Koerner

“What you see is what is there.”

In all the years of working together with my mom Judi, the single greatest lesson I have learned is the power of our own perception.  The perception of our experiences, of our own selves, of our feelings, of our very concept of reality  shape that reality and our lives. 

If there is joy in your life but you don’t see it…
Is there joy?
If you see joy… it’s already there.

Years ago, I decided that whenever I was asked… “How are you?” … I would respond … “Excellent!” It was a tough time in my life and I hadn’t yet  realized the power of perception or how  this little action would change my life.  But soon, this practice, and the refocusing on the present that it caused, did both of those things.  It became less something I did, and more of a reflection of who and what I actually was.  Today, the response is more varied.  Sometimes “Wonderful”, sometimes “Good Good” with my own particular inflection,  sometimes the nostalgic “Excellent”, but always with the intention and effect of keeping my awareness on the simple joys in life that exist in the present moment.