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Attract The Things You Want Into Your Life, Turn Your Desires Into Reality- Experience the Happiness You Deserve.

Attract The Things You Want Into Your Life, Turn Your Desires Into Reality- Experience the Happiness You Deserve.

Take Control of Yourself and Your Life

Discover Your Power to Be Happy

Reach a better place in life.
Experience the unfolding of a promising future.

Yours begins today!

We need to be honest though. The truth of the matter is that if you don't choose to read on:

Be left in the dust as a lost soul, or
Be less informed that anyone else on the planet, or
Be sorry for he remainder of your days, or
Be forever doomed because you didn't act NOW!, or
Be anything else that you don't want to be known for.


But if you DO choose to explore our site:

Find yourself at a place developed to empower you, and
Find real-life stories you can relate to, and
Find opportunities you can choose to pursue, and
Find articles the were written with you in mind, and
Find a lightheartedness that lifts your spirits, and
Find proven strategies for improving aspects of your life, and
Find that we are not perfect either, but have had much experience chipping away at helpless feelings enabling us to overcome daily pitfalls, and
Find quotes hand picked to inspire you, and
Find that drama isn't required for a stimulating life experience, and
Find a mother and son team that have a genuine respect for wherever you are along your journey and a commitment to guiding you forward if that is what you choose.


One a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the level of satisfaction that you are currently experiencing in the following aspects of your life.

1= Completely Dissatisfied            5= Tolerable         10= Nearly Perfect
Self Development/ Personal Character

Financial Status

Physical Well–being

Community Involvement

Career Choice

Personal Relationships

Spiritual Growth

Okay- Make a note of each area where you scored 7 or lower.

This is ONLY your current situation

Isn't that a relief!!

You can say farewell to any area of your life that is mediocre.

Discover Your Personal Power

Did you know that every person, event, and response to your life has been created by YOU?
YES! You have attracted every moment of your life experience to you.

Every thought you have, Every emotion you feel, Every action you perform all contribute to your life experience.

The only time to take control of creating the life you desire is NOW!

The only person that can do it is you.
The only reason to make any change is to become happier.

We are all faced with situations in our lives that we perceive as undesirable or at best a challenge rather than an opportunity. Often these so-called challenges come packed with negativity of all sorts. Without proper tools these negativities can gain control. When we allow situations outside of ourselves to take over our personal power we welcome stress, doubt, anxiety, depression, physical maladies, and even relationship struggles. Unless we intervene the snowballing effect will begin.

Dissatisfaction intensifies
Worry rears its ugly head
Our ability to trust vanishes
The "old" stuff resurfaces
Our thoughts become unmanageable
Our self-esteem plummets

So what do we do then?

Oh well, that's just how it happens sometimes.
Sometimes... for some people...
You don't have to be one of them.



Our own experiences have made it possible for us to make these statements with confidence. If not for the guidance of others' inspiring words, we would probably still be trapped in that unproductive cycle of thought. We knew we needed help when the following types of thought haunted us:

"There is no way I can make this decision."
"I am sick and tired of my boss's constant hounding."
"If I have to listen to this boring professor everyday this semester…"
"I will never be able to afford to go on vacation."
"This is just how all the men in my family are."
Any such limiting thought can steal your power!

So here is an opportunity to assume control of your life and recapture the moments, even years, that you've lost!

You, too, can have the tools to live life to its fullest!

Change your overall outlook on life and realize that you are capable of empowering yourself!

In all change, well looked into, the germinal good out-vails the apparent ill.
-Francis Thompson
-English poet (1859-1907)

With Judi and Matthew's New E-Zine, Life Is Mine you'll learn…

  • How a shift in your thinking can lead to huge positive changes in your life!
  • How to smile at life's obstacles, knowing that they are NOT bigger than you are!
  • How to see that there is more than one way to look at something!
  • How to be in control of yourself and your actions!
  • How to end the 'rut' and get back on track finding you are better now than ever before!
  • How to take life less seriously and laugh at yourself!
  • That you can have more energy and self-confidence!
  • To rid yourself of feelings like helplessness and self-doubt!
  • To drastically improve relationships with your family, friends, coworkers, and within yourself!
  • To unlock the secrets of looking in the mirror and smiling involuntarily, secrets that will guide you to developing and maintaining a positive self image!
  • To achieve personal fulfillment with a lighter approach to life!

Remember the choice is yours.
Our support is only a page away.
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Submit Your Name and Email and receive Judi And Matthew's…

"Life Is Mine" e-newsletter
(Value: priceless)

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Life is ten percent what happens to me and ninety percent how I react to it.
-Charles Swindoll
-Evangelical Christian pastor (1934- )

A stumble may prevent a fall.
-Thomas Fuller
-English historian (1608-1661)

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